General Terms and Conditions of Sale

SuperWall is a registered trademark of PaperMint, SAS with a capital of 100 000€, 1724Z, whose head office is located at 94, rue Lafayette 75010 Paris. In the following terms and conditions of sale, SuperWall is referred to either by the name of the website it operates "" or by "the seller". The placing of an order, via the site or by any other means is worth accepting the general conditions of sale below. Our general terms and conditions of sale exclude all possible contrary purchase clauses that any customer could invoke. In particular, the T&Cs provide for the acceptance of the processing of personal information relating to the buyers by PaperMint Ltd. Personal information relating to the purchasers, are protected in accordance with the law, they are not transferred, resold or lent to third parties. Personal datas collected via our website are used exclusively for order processing. The indications of paper types, dimensions and colors are given for information only and may vary from one production to another. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Pricing Policies

Our prices are ex-workshop (EXW incoterm). Prices indicated on the site include all taxes, any order is honored at the rate validated when the order is placed by the customer. The prices on the site may change without notice.

Reseller and professional prices

Our prices are ex-workshop (EXW incoterm). Resellers benefit from a special rate, the special conditions for resellers are only applicable to defined products from resellers' range. Professionals benefit from special conditions on products of the current ranges sold on the website (ready-to-install and customizable products). These conditions are materialized by an individual discount code, or by a special basket in some particular cases.


Orders are payable in cash using one of various methods offered on the site at the time of placing the order.

GTC Acceptancy

Placing an order implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

Unless a writing agreement signed by SuperWall and the customers, any other customers' purchasing agreements shall not be binding on SuperWall.

Ordering Policy

Products are available for sale as long as they are being displayed on the website. Nevertheless, reserves the right to change certain technical characteristics without notice.

The presented products (on the site or on any other documents) do not constitute a legal offer. It remains a non-contractual document whose prices and specifications can evolve at any time.

To be valid, an order must be fully  paid in advance by one of the means  proposed, ie. CB, paypal or bank transfer. Form must be correctly filled in on the website: the buyer must provide his personal information such as billing and delivery addresses, email and phone number. The Piu Design agency reserves the right not to execute an order if it proves to be obviously wrong, or if a problem appears in the selected options.

In this case the company will contact the customer to find the most appropriate solution.

For this regard, each order is subject to a confirmation from the seller, the order is accepted only upon receipt of this confirmation email.

Cancellation Policy

Orders placed via the website, by email or by mail, are not cancelable, except for products held in stock by SuperWall. In this case the cancellation must be received before shipment is made.

Delivery Time

Delivery times are given as an indication and cannot be considered as a contractual commitment. In case of a delay regarding the indicated delivery time, customer can cancel his order for standard products only, excluding special orders, if the product is in being shipped.

Shipping Fees

Considering the daily evolutions in carriers' offers, this table is modifiable without notice.

Therefore, it is only indicative and has no contractual value or commitment. In case of difference with a rate proposed in a quotation or in an order, the rate of the quotation/of the order is the authentic one.

Damaged Goods

Every order is checked and packed with the utmost care. Upon receipt, please check the condition of the package.

If damaged, please refuse it.

If it looks conform, please still mention systematically "subject to unpacking". You have 3 days (or 21 days for international shipments) from delivery date, to send us your claim, which is valid if you respect the above steps.

Shipping Policy

Orders placed on, are shipped under the responsibility of the delivery service provider that you have chosen when ordering.

The carrier consider that their responsibility stops as soon as goods are received by the customer or one of his duly appointed representatives. Be careful when receiving your order and systematically indicate "subject to unpacking".

Claiming for Undelivery Goods

To contest a delivery, SuperWall will have to engage the responsibility of the carrier. To do so, the company needs the below documents to be joined to your request :

- send a request stating the facts

- join the invoice

- write down a certificate on honour indicating "that the order was not received contrary to what the delivery service provider indicates".

- a complaint from competent authority

Proprietary Reserve Policy

Until they have been fully paid, products remain our property.

Returns Policy

Returns are possible within 15 days for standard products only (ready to install products / indicated on the website) and with the exception of any special order (personalized products, custom-made). Customized products, including wallpapers in stripes, are manufactured on cutomizable length (within the limits of manufacturing constraints) which prevents them from any return.

Returns must be made in the original packaging and the products must be in good condition for the return to be validated. After a quality control of the returned products, we will credit a voucher on customer's online account. This voucher is not refundable and allows the customer to place a new order of his choice.

Warranty and Claims

Products sold by SuperWall are warranted for 12 months against defects. However, the paper, colors, chemicals and other materials used in our production may change slightly over time, particularly due to UV radiation, temperature variations, or excessive humidity. There may also be occasional variations in shades from one production batch to another. In these cases there is no right to replacement of any kind.

In case of complaint, the customer must use the online form by attaching any useful document (photo of the product, copy of the delivery note, ...).
Claims to the carrier are made by the seller. will take the utmost care of your claim and will respond as soon as possible. Claims for apparent defects must be made within eight days from delivery to final customer.

All claims must be made by e-mail to

The email must mention all relevant information that can help us dealing with your request as soon as possible (order/invoice number) and the explanation of the problem encountered.

If your complaint has regard to a wallpaper, you must send us a sample of the wall covering or, failing that, photos allowing us to understand the problem. Complaints by phone or in our showroom cannot be taken into account without being completed by email to the customer service as indicated above. In the absence of a complete file, the complaint will unfortunately not be considered.

Once received, the products (wallpaper, paint, fabric) must be checked by yourself or by the installer you have appointed to carry out the work. Before the implementation, if you find any defect on the delivered product, you must notify us immediately and must not start the implementation. If you already started implementing, stop it as soon as the problem is found.
If there is an apparent defect on a fully implemented product, your responsibility is engaged.

If you notice a defect after the implementation, your only responsibility for implementing it anyway, can be engaged.

To be taken into account a claim must reach us, with all documents, within 15 days after the delivery date, otherwise the claim can not be taken into account.

Our wallpapers are produced either in digital printing or in traditional printing (heliogravure). In both cases, the tolerances of dimensional deformations are 1.5mm/1000mm.

The implementation must respect the uses concerning the non-woven paper and, in particular, suppliers' instructions from the paste which you will have chosen.

Improper installation is the responsibility of yourself and your installer. SuperWall will not be held responsible for any claims regarding installation issues.

Examples of poor installation for wallpaper (unexhaustive list):

- wrong glue dosage
- gluing the paper instead of the wall
- no preparation of the wall/support
- pasting the wallpaper with an unsuitable object
- poor handling of the paper
- inadequate cleaning

Superwall supplies products (wallpapers) which are semi-finished products. SuperWall's guarantee stops as soon as the implementation is totally or partially done.

If the claim is made in a timely manner and if, after verification, the existence of a defect is established and if the defect is not attributable to improper installation, processing or cleaning, misuse or negligence on the part of the Customer, SuperWall will, at its option, replace the goods concerned free of charge or credit all or part of the amount invoiced for the goods, without SuperWall being liable for any compensation.


All products offered on our website are original works created by SuperWall or by independent artists. Whatever the case, SuperWall / Piu Design agency has the reproduction rights of the concerned works. The possible reproduction of works without the agreement of the rightful owner would be a violation of his rights.

Respect for the functioning of the website

In order not to disrupt the proper functioning of SuperWall website, you must not use any tool, software or script in association with

You must not implement any action that causes the blocking or intentional slowing down of, in particular by blocking, overwriting or modifying the contents displayed or generated by

Damages and interest

Assuming that the implementation of products has obviously been not in conformity with previous indications (in terms of quality or references), the results of this implementation shall not give rise to any claims for damages.

The customer, or the installation company, is responsible for the implementation of the product.

Terms' Time and Modification

These terms and conditions are valid for an unlimited period of time.

SuperWall reserves the right to modify the GTC at any time and without notice. The general terms and conditions of sale are those in force at the time of placing the order.

Choice of Competent Jurisdiction

The Commercial Court of Paris is the only competent court to deal with any dispute arising from an order placed with SuperWall via its website or by any other means; or any dispute arising from the simple use of the website, or a more general problem related to Superwall brand or a claim arising from the rights of the works used in our ranges.

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